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Black Peal Logics provides service in the are of Extensible markup language, or XML, consists of tags indicating the content of the data contained on a page. The neutral, platform-independent format of this mark-up language makes it possible to feed different output channels (Web, WAP, Print) from one information source. In this quick and easy introduction to key XML technologies, Web Design with XML adds another dimension to XML, demonstrating how to generate visual output using XML DTDs, Namespaces, CSS, XSL, and XSLT
Working deeper in XML Black Pearl also had some good experience in news monitoring, Feed burning, Feed publishing, scraping a web page, Monitoring web page etc, A look at inner workings of the solution will provide more detail about the decisions behind the XML design, as well as the coding and design of the website itself. The scarping and monitoring works included considerations such as the appearance of the site, the site navigation, and how to handle hyper-linking between the document fragments - all important issues to address, and all issues which could have been approached differently depending on the requirements.
XML is here and people developing XML with us are using it. People who are adopting a wait and see approach should be at the point where they have waited and are now seeing the results achievable from technology that uses XML
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