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Visitor Tracking
Black Pearl Logics visitor tracking service is the analysis of visitor behaviour on a website. Analysis of an individual visitor's behaviour may be used to provide that visitor with options or content that relates to their implied preferences; either during a visit or in the future.
  • Accurate Real-Time website visitors' clicks statistics
  • Hourly, daily, yearly & hourly traffic statistics charts
  • Cumulative hourly statistics to see which hours of a day are most busy for your website(s)
  • Search engine localization analysis & website traffic flow ratios
  • Keywords visitors use to find your website(s)
  • Date & time of each individual page view
  • Visitors activity and visit frequency statistics
  • Visitors' geographical location information on country, state & city levels
  • Visitors' operating system, screen resolution, language usage, flash versions, cookie support, user agent stings, etc.
  • Visitors' browser name & version
  • Individual visitor's clicks and IP address statistics
  • Unique individual & returning website visitor statistics
  • External link analysis to see what links bring you most of the traffic
  • Most popular pages on your website analysis with click counts for individual web page
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