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SQL Server
SQL Server
Microsoft Access databases have certainly become more prevalent over the last 2 years as large corporations break the imposed ban on using the tool. Many of our large corporate clients and government clients have stymied development in Microsoft Access for varying reasons which can include security issues or simply the IT Managements belief that they don’t want to support the application.
Some of the reasons why IT Departments do not want Microsoft Access in their environments are quite valid. For example, the use of Access Databases in high security areas such as in the Education Department for storing student information, Department of Defence systems, Hospitals storing patient data are all valid reasons why data should not be stored in a Microsoft Access Database.
Microsoft SQL Server is the tool of choice for many corporate environments because it is a commercial database server. Its core role in the commercial world is to store data which is slightly different to Microsoft Access.
Microsoft SQL Server allows you to store large volumes of data which include items like photographs, video, text, numbers and much much more. Microsoft SQL Server is designed to handle terra bytes worth of data where as Microsoft Access can only hand around 1 Gigabyte of data without having issues.
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