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SMS Integration
Interacting with web applications is no longer confined to desktop web browsers. These days, web content can come from many different sources, including your camera or cell phone. As mobile devices become more powerful and internet-ready, they act as mini wireless computers. However, accessing the internet over cellular networks can still be a slow and bumpy experience.
There is a more reliable gateway to use on mobile phones, one that's been around for years, and that speaks seamlessly across mobile carriers, devices, and platforms: SMS ("text messaging" for the non-technical person).
If you'd like to quickly get up and running with an SMS application, you can use TextMarks web interface and control panel. The service is entirely free, but TextMarks will occasionally send promotional SMS messages. Once you sign up for a unique keyword, you are provided a set of resources to help you manage how your users interact with your application. You'll have visibility to your usage stats, and how your TextMark appears and behaves.
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