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Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways
Black Pearl Logics includes the facility for payments to be made online via a 3rd party payment service provider(PSP), such as Paypal. As there are literally hundreds of PSPs out there, many of which are specialised to a particular country, Black Pearl Logics has been written in such a way as to allow payment gateway extensions to be 'plugged in' so that the component can be used with virtually any PSP.
One of the most important and trendy services is Custom Payment Gateway Implementation. Starting from simple and single product sales to the backend integrated systems, we have much experience for custom integrations of diverse eCommerce websites.
Black Pearl Using a variety of technologies, our team of professional web developers has integrated many websites and online shopping carts with leading payment gateways. Our web developers can integrate a payment gateway of your choice with your ecommerce website, or online application.
Payment Gateway refers to an eCommerce service that deals with on-line money transactions, which should be carried safely and efficiently. Payment Gateway presents credit card processing, billing, reporting, settlement and operational services to acquiring and issuing banks. Also supervises the process of transferring authorized and captured credit card funds between different parties.
Black Pearl Logics helps from us will be beneficial to you and for your customers to connect in an online financial transaction, which is efficient, secure and immediate. Black Pearl aim is to tender an integrated solution, utilizing optimum quality encryption, ascertaining the security of online transactions in the best possible way. Accept credit card and electronic check payments fast and secure, manage your transactions, avoid fraud, and grow your business.
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