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In the past few years the use of e-mail as a form of carrying out official communication has grown in leaps and bounds. The ease, speed and reach of e-mail are some of the reasons for this growing popularity. The need of the hour is an e-mail template system that can be used to increase efficiency by speeding up the time taken in sending out e-mails.
At Black Pearl Logics, we have developed a .net based e-mail template system that provides organizations with the means to standardize all out going e-mails. The e-mail template system simplifies the task of drafting and sending repetitive e-mails to a multiple people.
The system allows you to create and manage multiple e-mail templates. A template consists of the message body. Dynamic content can be inserted into the body via means of user defined variables (which are replaced with their corresponding values). When sending out e-mails, any of the stored templates can be applied.
Email marketing is fast becoming the best marketing tool available to businesses because it's easy, fast and free to send emails and the return on investment is far higher than any other medium. It's not just for big businesses either - an email marketing system specially designed for small to medium businesses is one of the key tools in the Black Pearl Logics package.
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