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Black Pearl Logics specialize in providing a full range of services for Email Service Providers. Let us show you how we can help you grow your business.
At Black Pearl Logics we believe that the purpose of website design, layout, and look and feel is to support the message and engage the user. Our creative process begins with developing a creative brief that captures the essence of what the creative needs to accomplish and how it fits in the UI. We develop high quality mock-ups with great amount of detail so that you can visualize the outcome. Revisions and adjustments is the final step of our creative process.
We specialize in the developing the design and layout of websites, email campaigns and web applications.Website design,Email Templates,Ad banners: simple GIF, Animated and Flash,Flash Animation,Agency Support: Banner resizes; HTML conversion of Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files.
Email marketing is fast becoming the best marketing tool available to businesses because it's easy, fast and free to send emails and the return on investment is far higher than any other medium. It's not just for big businesses either - an email marketing system specially designed for small to medium businesses is one of the key tools in the Black Pearl Logics package.
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