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E-Mail Solutions
Black Pearl Logics email security service is designed to enhance the email security for your enterprise in a cost-effective manner. This service can be implemented within a span of few hours without the need for any upfront investment.
Black Pearl offers email hosting, email services, business email, group email, personal email services and all types of other email hosting services using your own choice of domain name so that everyone can have their own customized email accounts for increasing your own as well as your business presence on net.Black Pearl powerful web-based access provides full email operation from anywhere the web is available.
With our Email Hosting and Domain Parking services, you can begin using your domain for email immediately. Our email hosting services are reliable, secure and easy to set-up with no installation expense and gives you 24 hour online support.
Black Pearl Logics gives you the added benefit of sheltering your mail server from DOS attacks, dictionary attacks, and other mail bombs. Black Pearl network architecture is designed to withstand such attacks, thereby protecting your server from unwanted visitors.
Group email will help you promote your group and strengthen ties to your members This email service is specifically useful for increasing membership and reinforce loyalty for groups and organizations.
Every family relation,society,college group, football team, cricket team, temple association, association of persons, hobby groups, Personal email Plan Business Email Plan Group email Plan Email Portal Email solution FAQ old college associations etc should have their own group email which will help them in keeping touch with each other and give a feeling of group cohesiveness...like John@sharma.com or vijay@collegeboys.com.
Get fully branded email addresses to promote your business industry and project a professional image to clients and customers. Ideal for Industry, Traders, MLM companies, Merchants, schools. Offer Your corporate email to your employees, dealers, customers, branch offices and to your business associates which will enhance your image.
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