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Black Pearl Logics assumes you have a basic web presence and briefly outlines preparing your web site for online sales and credit card transactions. The articles linked to will then assist you in making a more educated decision before implementing ecommerce software and marketing tools.
Online sales processing using credit card based transactions may not be quite as straightforward as you may think. Many web site owners new to ecommerce are under the impression that they just plug a shopping cart into their site; but a cart is only a part of the whole ecommerce process. When was the last time you called customer support because you were having problems checking out online? Probably never! Cart abandonment rate is at around 60%, and most of it happens before the user even begins the checkout process. Sometimes, convincing your customers to trust you is your biggest challenge.
ECommerce-Guide provides ecommerce business owners with e-commerce news, software reviews and tutorials, technology solutions and information,E-commerce allows people to create completely new business models,Drupal e-Commerce is a package of modules to let you create your own online store. It is totally free, open source, rich featured and flexible.
The goal of the blackpearllogics.com is to provide the single best source of independent, up-to-date information about electronic commerce. Black Pearl Logics editorial content is 100% e-commerce - with everything including daily news, feature articles, product guides, case studies, an e-commerce events calendar, and e-commerce-focused discussion forums.
Black Pearl Logics review the tools and software you need to build an e-commerce site, including Auction Builders, Commerce Servers, Payment Solutions, Portal Sites, and Storefront Builders. Find out what's hot, what's not, and what's right for your e-commerce site.
Successful E-Commerce must meet specific demands. Bolster sales with services that simplify shopping cart and online transactions.Real solutions for managing and maximizing your E-commerce success.Black Pearl Logics specialize in websites and solutions that help you GENERATE leads, GROW your business, IMPROVE your brand awareness, LOWER your marketing costs and ENHANCE your customer service.
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