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Cosmos Chit Fund
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A collection of members called a chit group makes their contribution in the form of money to collect a chit amount and they bid in an auction to be awarded with the prized money which is equal to the chit amount minus the discount and the foreman's commission. with the Deputy Registrar of Chits and a registered number is obtained. The Foreman promotes and conducts the Chits as per the regulations of the Chit Fund Act and Rules.
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THE MLM SOFT Black Pearl Logics-portfolio THE MLM Soft - a unit of Blackpearllogics.com proivdes best MLM websites and Networking softwares for you to run your MLM websites in a peace of mind, Before you purchase you can take a demo on our MLM softwares, MLM Soft uses the latest technologies to develope the MLM softwares. Unless like other provides Our servers where higly secured and provides 99.99% uptime.
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Shopping Cart Black Pearl Logics-portfolio We are committed to ensure that you shop with confidence on Black Pearl Logics. Our website is designed to help you find & order items easily, protect your data and deliver a great shopping experience, right from choosing your products to receiving them.
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inventory Black Pearl Logics-portfolio The time lags present in the supply chain, from supplier to user at every stage, requires that you maintain certain amounts of inventory to use in this lead time. However, in practice, inventory is to be maintained for consumption during 'variations in lead time'. Lead time itself can be addressed by ordering that many days in advance.
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Advanced Automated Academic Solutions Black Pearl Logics-portfolio Advanced Automated Academic Solutions provides flexible and powerful solutions designed to solve your academic research challenges ultimately helping you innovate and publish faster. Moreover, you can trust that a network of academic collaborators have helped to ensure that stands up to the rigors of academic research.
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