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Over the years, we developers have seen many changes in terms of how development occurs. We have gone from terminal-based programming to PC-based programming to Windows-based programming and to the Web. Now we are on the verge of another programming revolution— one that will bring about more interactive user interfaces to web applications. This programming revolution is brought to developers courtesy of a set of technologies that are generally known as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).
No longer will users see the annoying flash with the clicking of a button to submit data. No longer will users lose the context of where they are located and be thrown back up to the top of a page. With AJAX, developers can build applications that step out of the traditional postback model of the Web, provide an improved user interface to users, and allow developers to develop applications that are much friendlier to use.
AJAX has received tremendous industry recognition and support. So the Black Pearl Logics have adopted it. A large number of AJAX toolkits and libraries are available for free. AJAX does have its limitation but most of them can be overcome by integrating AJAX with other technologies whenever required.
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