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SQL Server
MS - Access
MS Access
Using the Microsoft Visual Web Developer Web development tool, you can create Web pages that work with data from a variety of sources, including databases, XML files, and business objects.
Access databases do not have the same capacity and are not as scalable as other types of databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server. Generally, if you are creating a Web site that will support only light traffic or a limited number of users, an Access database is sufficient. However, if the Web site will support more throughput or a larger number of users, you should consider using SQL Server or another database that is suited for production Web sites.
If you'd like to quickly get up and running with an SMS application, you can use TextMarks web interface and control panel. The service is entirely free, but TextMarks will occasionally send promotional SMS messages. Once you sign up for a unique keyword, you are provided a set of resources to help you manage how your users interact with your application. You'll have visibility to your usage stats, and how your TextMark appears and behaves.
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